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Blue C Watersports, the #1 boat operator of Curacao. Explore the West Coast, Sail away to the East of Curacao, Discover pristine snorkel sites & Experience breathtaking sunsets.

The tropical waters around Curacao are our home and this marks the Blue C. With excellent service, we will create a pleasant and relaxing environment for an unforgettable experience! Discover white beaches, pristine reefs, blue bays, and unique sceneries. Unwind and relax on our 60-foot luxury catamaran. Explore Curacaos finest sites during our sailsnorkel-, Scuba dive-, fish- or sunset trips. Indulge your senses and enjoy every second of this sensation.

At Blue C, you feel at home.

West Coast Day Trip by Speedboat

Discover the Beauty of West Curaçao! Departing from Blue Bay Beach, we will start cruising along the beautiful coastline, you will see some of Curaçao's finest and most pristin...

East Coast Day Trip

Explore the diverse coastline of East Curacao Due to the Corona situation, this trip is not active, check out our active trips: Klein Curacao, West Coast, Sunset en Sunday Funday Trip Sail away with us on our luxury catamaran to the east part of Curacao. A beautiful trip full of diversity! The BLUE C will depart from Blue Bay Beach and Corendon Mangrove Beach Resort Dock, after boarding we will head east. During this time guest will be able to enjoy the beauty that Curacao has to offer along the coastlines.  The Blue C Watersport comfortably takes you to Curacao's best places where you can swim, snorkel, or just relax with friends and family. Our first stop will be at Curacao's most famous snorkel site "Tugboat". Here, a guided snorkel tour lead by one of our professional crew members will take place. Don't have a snorkel set? Don't worry! Regular snorkel sets including fins are free to use the whole day!  After discovering the pleasures underneath the crystal blue seas, we will head to the Spanish Water where lunch will be served; a live cooking BBQ buffet to satisfy the even hungriest traveler.  In the afternoon will we have several stops, we will snorkel at the surprising site "Underwater world" and head towards the city center, where you will have a different view of Willemstad's colorful architecture & the unique swinging bridge.  After a relaxing day at the hidden gems of Curacao, our Blue Bay Beach staff is ready to serve you some more refreshing drinks at the Happy Hour.